Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society

Research Article

A minimax inequality with applications to existence of equilibrium points

Kok-Keong Tana1 and Zian-Zhi Yuana1

a1 Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Science Dalhousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3J5

A new minimax inequality is first proved. As a consequence, five equivalent fixed point theorems are formulated. Next a theorem concerning the existence of maximal elements for an Lc-majorised correspondence is obtained. By the maximal element theorem, existence theorems of equilibrium points for a non-compact one-person game and for a non-compact qualitative game with Lc-majorised correspondences are given. Using the latter result and employing an “approximation” technique used by Tulcea, we deduce equilibrium existence theorems for a non-compact generalised game with LC correspondences in topological vector spaces and in locally convex topological vector spaces. Our results generalise the corresponding results due to Border, Borglin-Keiding, Chang, Ding-Kim-Tan, Ding-Tan, Shafer-Sonnenschein, Shih-Tan, Toussaint, Tulcea and Yannelis-Prabhakar.

(Received June 15 1992)