Journal of Plasma Physics

Research Article

Heterogeneous electron behaviour in a turbulent plasma jet

Anthony Demetriadesa1 and Ernest L. Doughmana1

a1 Philco-Ford Corporation, Newport Beach, California


Uncommonly large electron density fluctuations, accompanied by large skewness and flatness factors, have been observed in the transitional zone of a plasma jet. This paper investigates these further by a digital analysis of Langmuir probe signals from this zone. The electron aggregate is found split into a decaying laminar-fluid remnant and a growing population of turbulent fluid. The uncommon statistics are caused by the double-humped histogram, while those of each population separately are normal. The mean electron density of the aggregate displays no simple chemical decay trend, but that of the laminar population fits known argon recombination schemes.

(Received July 20 1972)