Epidemiology and Infection

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Correlation of change in phage type with pulsed field profile and 16S rrn profile in Salmonella enteritidis phage types 4, 7 and 9a

N. G. Powella1, E. J. Threlfalla1 c1, H. Charta1, S. L. Schofielda1 and B. Rowea1

a1 Laboratory of Enteric Pathogens, Central Public Health Laboratory, 61 Colindate Avenue, London NW9 5HT, UK


Using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) and 16S rRNA (rrn) analysis (ribotyping). the in viro derivation of strains of Salmonella enteritidis PTs 9a and 7 from a strain of S. enteritidis PT 4 has been demonstrated. All strains were isolated from a single patient over a 6-week period. Further studies have demonstrated that in terms of pulsed-field profile and ribotype, the genotypes of the patient-derived strains differed from those of the reference strains of the respective phage types. It is concluded that when used in combination, these methods can provide evidence of phylogenetic relationships in apparently unrelated S. enteritidis phage types isolated during pathogenesis of disease.

(Accepted December 15 1994)


c1 Corresponding author.