Epidemiology and Infection

Research Article

Prevalence of human astrovirus serotype 4: capsid protein sequence and comparison with other strains

M. M. Willcocksa1, J. B. Kurtza2, T. W. Leea2 and M. J. Cartera1 c1

a1 School of Biological Sciences, University of Surrey, Guildford GU2 5XH, UK

a2 Virology Laboratory, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford OX3 9DU


Astrovirus serotype 4 has increased in relative prevalence in the Oxford, UK area in 1993. The structural gene of human astrovirus serotype 4 has been sequenced and the results indicate that this protein differs substantially from serotypes 1 and 2. In particular, conservation at the C terminus is greatly reduced. However, amino acid substitutions in this region show a strong conservation in character suggesting that structural or functional constraints operate in this region.

(Accepted October 27 1994)


c1 Author for correspondence.