Journal of Hygiene

Research Article

Drug resistance among Escherichia coil strains isolated from cerebrospinal fluid

R. J. Grossa1, Linda R. Warda1, E. J. Threlfalla1, T. Cheastya1 and B. Rowea1

a1 Division of Enteric Pathogens, Central Public Health Laboratory, Colindale Avenue, London NW9 5HT


One hundred and thirty-one strains of Escherichia coli isolated from the cerebrospinal fluid of patients in the United Kingdom were tested for resistance to 13 antimicrobial drugs. Sixty-four strains (49%) were resistant to one or more drugs and 44 (34%) were resistant to three or more drugs. Resistance to ampicillin, sulphonamides, streptomycin and tetracycline occurred most frequently.

(Received October 04 1982)

(Accepted October 18 1982)