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‘We Want to be More European’: The 2003 Licensing Act and Britain's Night-Time Economy

John Tierney a1
a1 School of Applied Social Sciences, University of Durham, 32 Old Elvet Durham, DH1 3HN E-mail:

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As a result of the new licensing regime introduced in England and Wales in November 2005, the nature of the town/city centre night-time economy and its future development has become a particularly pressing policy issue for local authorities. Among local authorities and local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, continental-style ‘diversity’ – in the sense of a broader mix of participants and forms of entertainment – has emerged as an ideal to be strived for. This article examines the problems faced by those attempting to create diversity and with it the ‘continentalisation’ of the night-time economy in this country.

(Published Online September 4 2006)