Journal of Hygiene

Research Article

The safety of the Trexler isolator as judged by some physical and biological criteria: a report of experimental work at two centres

J. G. P. Hutchinsona1, J. Graya1, T. H. Flewetta1, R. T. D. Emonda2, Brandon Evansa2 and P. C. Trexlera3

a1 Regional Public Health and Virus Laboratory, East Birmingham Hospital

a2 Department of Infectious Diseases, Coppetts Wood Hospital, London

a3 Royal Veterinary College, London


We have assessed the effectiveness of flexible-film negative-pressure isolators by physical and biological means. We have found that they afford a high degree of containment and therefore also of safety to hospital staff. We offer some recommendations on the operation of these isolators to ensure the optimum degree of protection.

(Received February 02 1978)