Journal of Hygiene

Research Article

The production and preliminary investigation of Burulin, a new skin test reagent for Mycobacterium ulcerans infection

J. L. Stanforda1, W. D. L. Revilla1*, W. J. Gunthorpea1 and J. M. Grangea1

a1 School of Pathology, Middlesex Hospital Medical School, Riding House Street, London W 1P 7LD


The preparation of a skin test antigen from Mycobacterium ulcerans by ultrasonic disintegration and filtration is described. The reagent, called Burulin, was tested in Africa in normal school children, and in patients with leprosy, tuberculosis or M. ulcerans disease. Those with tuberculosis or M. ulcerans disease were simultaneously tested with Tuberculin PPD. Burulin was found to be highly specific for patients in the reactive stage of M. ulcerans disease, and there was no cross-reaction in patients with other mycobacterioses. On the other hand, the majority of patients with M. ulcerans disease reacting to Burulin also produce positive reactions to Tuberculin PPD.

(Received June 22 1974)


* Medical Officer, Ministry of Health, Uganda.