Journal of Hygiene

Research Article

On Bacillus coli Infections of the Urinary Tract, Especially in Relation to Haemolytic Organisms

Leonard S. Dudgeona1, Eric Wordleya2 and F. Bawtreea3

a1 Professor of Pathology in the University of London. Director of Pathology, St Thomas's Hospital;

a2 Assistant Bacteriologist, St Thomas's Hospital;

a3 Research Worker in Pathology, St Thomas's Hospital.

Those who have studied the literature of Bacillus coli infections of the urinary tract, over a period of many years, must be fully conscious that the methods employed in such investigations have been on very similar lines. Bacilli isolated from the urine have been classified on the result of various cultural reactions of which the fermentation of cane sugar anddulcitol appears to occupy the most important position. Animals have been inoculated with various strains of urinary coli, while similar inoculation experiments have been made on animals before and after a mechanical injury to one or both kidneys had been produced.