The Journal of Agricultural Science

Research Article

An analysis of growth of the potato crop

E. J. Allena1 and R. K. Scotta2

a1 Department of Agriculture (Crop Husbandry), University of Wales, Aberystwyth

a2 Broom's Barn Experimental Station, Higham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk


Linear relationships between both total and tuber dry-matter yields and the amount of radiation intercepted by potato crops are demonstrated. Their existence suggests that, in the absenceof disease and drought, the essential objective in the production of this crop is to maximize radiation interception. This paper critically assesses the influence of factors which the grower can control on light interception and estimates potential yields for specific environments. The implications of this analysis for growers, breeders, research and the whole industry are discussed.

(Received November 17 1979)