The Journal of Agricultural Science

Research Article

Quantitative observations on pig embryos of known ages

A. W. Marrablea1 and R. R. Ashdown

a1 Department of Veterinary Anatomy, University of Bristol, Park Bow, Bristol 1

1. The lengths and weights of 241 pig embryos, aged 26–109 days, were recorded; the pregnant sows were from a mixed herd of Landrace, Large White and Wessex stock and some of their crosses.

2. An empirical linear regression of length on age was estimated (equation 1); the relation between weight and age was represented by a polynomial weight and age was represented by a polynomial (equation 2).

We thank Mr A. S. Cray and the other directors of Unigate Ltd. for giving us the pigs; Mr P. Sedgewick of that Company gave us excellent co-operation. Prof. C. W. Ottaway and Dr P. Radford helped us throughout the investigation.

(Received May 31 1967)

(Revised May 31 1967)