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Genome cryopreservation: a valuable contribution to mammalian genetic research

P. H. Glenistera1 c1, D. G. Whittinghama2 and M. J. Wooda2

a1 M.R.C. Radiobiology Unit, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon, OX11 0RD

a2 M.R.C. Experimental Embryology and Teratology Unit, St George's Hospital Medical School, London SW17 0RE


Mouse embryo banking has become an important asset to geneticists. Individual laboratories can now maintain a far greater diversity of stocks than by conventional breeding alone. Also, many mutations that in the past would have been discarded due to lack of space, can now be preserved for future use. Recent advances in cryopreservation techniques have simplified procedures and, in certain cases, resulted in increased rates of survival.

(Received May 11 1990)

(Revised May 28 1990)


c1 Corresponding author.