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Meatoplasty keloid: a rare lesion treated with an unusual surgical approach

N P Shine a1c1 and Lew a1
a1 Department of Paediatric Otolaryngology, Princess Margaret Hospital, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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Keloid scarring is a benign hyperproliferation of fibrous tissue occurring at a wound healing site. Keloid formation related to the ear is generally the result of ear-piercing, mainly causing cosmetic disfigurement. We present an unusual case of keloid formation at a previous meatoplasty incision scar in a 10-year-old Caucasian with a modified radical mastoid cavity. This lesion prevented the cavity from self-cleaning and obstructed microscopic evaluation of the cavity. Treatment was successfully performed by surgical excision, with closure of the defect using supra-keloid skin flaps, followed by serial steroid injection therapy.

(Published Online March 14 2006)
(Accepted October 28 2005)

Key Words: Keloid; Ear Deformities, Acquired; Otologic Surgical Procedures.

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