Numerical robot kinematics based on stochastic and molecular simulation methods

Thomas Kastenmeiera1a2 and Franz J. Veselya1a3

a1 Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Vienna, Boltzmanngasse 5, A-1090 Vienna (Austria)

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Multilink robot arms are geometrically similar to chain molecules. We investigate the performance of molecular simulation methods, combined with stochastic methods for optimization, when applied to problems of robotics. An efficient and flexible algorithm for solving the inverse kinematic problem for redundant robots in the presence of obstacle's (and other constraints) is suggested. This “Constrained Kinematics/Stochastic Optimization” (CKSO) method is tested on various standard problems.

(Received October 10 1995)

Key words

  • Numerical kinematics;
  • Molecular simulation;
  • Multilink robot arms;
  • Redundant robots;
  • Simulated annealing.