Air jets imaging tactile sensing device for automation applications

R. Benhadja1 and B. Dawsona1

a1 On-Line Surveillance, Monitoring and Diagnostics Unit (OSMAD), School of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Kingston University, Roehampton Vale, Friars Avenue, London SW15 3DW (UK)


This paper details the design principles of operation of a pneumatic proximity-to-tactile sensing device for part handling and recognition in a flexible manufacturing environment. The sensing device utilises a densely packed line array of piezoresistive pressure sensors, providing continuous variable outputs. The sensing plane of the device incorporates a corresponding line array of air jets which develop an air cushion when striking a target of interest. The back pressure levels from these air jets form the basis for the task of target detection and recognition.

(Received October 04 1994)

Key Words

  • Tactile sensing;
  • Automation;
  • Pressure sensors;
  • Air jets imaging.