Journal of Fluid Mechanics


Large-scale motions in a supersonic turbulent boundary layer

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Wide-field particle image velocimetry measurements were performed in a Mach 2 turbulent boundary layer to study the characteristics of large-scale coherence at two wall-normal locations ($y/\delta\,{=}\,0.16$ and 0.45). Instantaneous velocity fields at both locations indicate the presence of elongated streamwise strips of uniform low- and high-speed fluid (length$\,{>}\,8\delta$). These long coherent structures exhibit strong similarities to those that have been found in incompressible boundary layers, which suggests an underlying similarity between the incompressible and supersonic regimes. Two-point correlations of streamwise velocity fluctuations show coherence over a longer streamwise distance at $y/\delta\,{=}\,0.45$ than at $y/\delta\,{=}\,0.16$, which indicates an increasing trend in the streamwise length scale with wall-normal location. The spanwise scale of these uniform-velocity strips increases with increasing wall-normal distance as found in subsonic boundary layers. The large-scale coherence observed is consistent with the very large-scale motion (VLSM) model proposed by Kim & Adrian (Phys. Fluids, vol. 11, 1999, p. 417) for incompressible boundary layers.

(Published Online May 24 2006)
(Received July 14 2005)
(Revised December 19 2005)