Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom (New Series)

Research Article

Researches on the Coloration of the Skins of Flat Fishes

J. T. Cunninghama1

a1 Naturalist to the Association

In the year 1890 I tried an experiment upon young flounders, with the object of discovering what would be the effect upon the lower sides of the fish if these sides were continually exposed to daylight. Under ordinary conditions the upper side of the fish is dark-coloured, the lower side white; and the upper side is exposed to light, while the lower side being usually in contact with the ground, and always turned away from the sky, is protected from the light. A connection between the difference of the two sides in relation to light and in coloration naturally suggests itself. If the difference in coloration is due to the difference in the exposure of the sides to light, when the lower side of the fish is kept exposed to the light it ought to become coloured.