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Glacial or non-glacial origin for the Bigganjargga tillite, Finnmark, northern Norway

P. A. Jensena1 and E. Wulff-Pedersena2

a1 Institute of Biology & Geology, University of Tromsø, N-9037 Tromsø, Norway

a2 Mineralogical-Geological Museum, University of Oslo, Sarsgate 1, 0562 Oslo, Norway


Bigganjargga is the classic locality for the Varangian ice age in northern Scandinavia. The presence of two sets of striations on the underlying quartzite basement has been taken as evidence for a glacial origin of the Bigganjargga diamictite. However, soft-sediment surface structures on the underlying sandstone indicate that it was not consolidated when the diamictite was emplaced. Together with structures in the diamictite this shows that the deposit formed as a debris flow moving northwestwards over an unconsolidated substrate. There is no evidence for glacial origin or contribution for the diamictite material.

(Received January 26 1995)

(Accepted October 17 1995)

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