Journal of Helminthology

Research Article

Studies on the Helminth Fauna of Japan Part 57. Nematodes of Fishes, III

Satyu Yamagutia1

a1 Zoological Institute, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

It is my greatest pleasure and honour to contribute a part of the series of my studies on the helminth fauna of Japan in honour of Professor R. T. Leiper, one of the most distinguished helminthologists in the world. The material on which the present paper is based was collected at the Tamano Marine Laboratory of Okayama University on the Inland Sea of Japan except for a new species of Raphidascaroides which was taken by Mr. T. Yamamoto at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Kyoto University, on the Pacific coast of Wakayama Prefecture. Acknowledgments are due to the staff of the Tamano Marine Laboratory and also to Mr. Yamamoto for their generous supply of the material.