Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Research Article

Bryozoa from the Bay of Biscay and Western Approaches

P. J. Haywarda1 and J. S. Rylanda1

a1 Department of Zoology, University College of Swansea, Wales

The bryozoan benthos of the European continental slope is attracting attention after a long period of neglect. Expedition reports, such as those of the ‘Challenger’ (Busk, 1881, 1884, 1886; Waters, 1889), ‘Travailleur’ and ‘Talisman’ (Jullien, 1882; Calvet, 1906), and ‘Hirondelle’ (Jullien & Calvet, 1903) made important contributions to our knowledge. Such monographs have been supplemented by shorter papers dealing with the Bryozoa of offshore banks and island groups (Guérin-Ganivet, 1911; Norman, 1909) or of limited areas within the European region (Duerden, 1893; Nichols, 1911). Following the recent increase of interest in offshore benthos generally, the papers of d'Hondt (1970, 1973a, b, 1974, 1975) provide much new information on the slope and outer shelf bryozoan fauna. However, many of the often enigmatic species of earlier authors have yet to be redis-covered, and d'Hondt has shown that a high proportion of the Bryozoa collected comprises species new to the area or new to science. Clearly, the study of many more collections will be necessary before any comprehensive account can be given.