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Moving towards culturally competent dementia care: have we been barking up the wrong tree?

Jenny Mackenzie a1c1, Ruth Bartlett a1 and Murna Downs a1
a1 Bradford Dementia Group, University of Bradford, UK

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In the UK it is established that health and social care services for people with dementia from black and minority ethnic communities need to move towards providing evidence-based culturally appropriate care. At present, however, the evidence base available to guide professionals working with people with dementia from diverse ethnic and cultural groups is limited, and beliefs about dementia and the type of treatment and support needed have received little attention. Consequently this creates problems for service providers faced with appropriately supporting people with dementia and their families from black and minority ethnic communities.

c1 Address for correspondence to: J Mackenzie, Bradford Dementia Group, The Division of Dementia Studies, School of Health Studies, University of Bradford, Trinity Road, Bradford, BD5 0BB, UK.