International Organization


Communist China's Changing Attitudes Toward the United Nations

Byron S. Weng1

The so-called “Chinese Question” in the United Nations has been an issue in UN politics for the last seventeen years. It has hampered the operation of the UN and influenced the course of post-World War II international politics. Yet little study has been done with regard to the attitudes of the Communist Chinese themselves toward the UN.


1 Instructor in Government at Wright State Campus (Dayton), Miami University-Ohio State University. The research for this article was largely carried out during the summer of 1965 at the Asian Seminar conducted by the Faculty Institute of the Regional Council for International Education under a Ford Foundation grant. The author is grateful to Mrs. Helen S. Wood for her administrative assistance and to Professors R. Brank Fulton, Bernard C. Cohen, T. Arthur Bisson, and Llewellyn E. Pfankuchen who read the manuscript and gave their critical comments.