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International Organizations: Summary of Activities: II. Specialized Agencies

World Health Organization

The 23d session of the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) was held in Geneva from January 20 to February 3, 1959. The Director-General's proposed program of activities and budget estimates for 1960 were examined by the Board, and their adoption was recommended to the Twelfth World Health Assembly. The budget showed an increase of $1,251,960 or 8.25 percent over the revised budget for 1959, for a total estimate of $16,418,700; the proposed program reflected a new trend in the work of WHO, namely, the widening of the concept of control to that of eradication in the case of such communicable diseases as malaria, smallpox, and yaws, and eventually tuberculosis and leprosy. In addition, certain activities were to be expanded, including vital and health statistics services, nutrition surveys, the control of bilharziasis, research, and the teaching of psychiatry and mental health techniques.