Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union

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Towards the Albedo of an Exoplanet: MOST Satellite Observations of Bright Transiting Exoplanetary Systems

Jason F. Rowea1, Jaymie M. Matthewsa1, Sara Seagera1, Dimitar Sasselova1, Rainer Kuschniga1, David B. Guenthera1, Anthony F. J. Moffata1, Slavek M. Rucinskia1, Gordon A. H. Walkera1 and Werner W. Weissa1

a1 NASA-Ames Research Park MS-244-30 Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000 email:


The Canadian MOST satellite is a unique platform for observations of bright transiting exoplanetary systems. Providing nearly continuous photometric observations for up to 4 weeks, MOST can produce important observational data to help us learn about the properties of exosolar planets. We review our current observations of HD 209458 and HD 189733 with implications for the albedo and our progress towards detecting reflected light from an exoplanet.