Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Research Article

The influence of temperature on the breeding and the moulting activities of some warm-water species of operculate barnacles

Bhupendra Patela1 and D. J. Crispa1

a1 Marine Biology Station, Menai Bridge, Anglesey

Thorson (1946) considered in detail the earlier views of Appellöf (1912), Orton (1920) and Runnström (1928) that breeding activities of the majority of marine organisms were controlled by the temperature of the sea and referred to this as Orton's rule. RecentlyCrisp (1954) and Qasim (1956) also reviewed the existing literature on this subject in relation to barnacles and fish. By considering the seasonal availability of planktonic food in con-junction with Orton's rule, they explained why tropical species inhabiting cool temperate waters have a breeding season confined to the warmer months, whereas boreo-arctic species throughout their whole range breed only during colder months.