Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Research Article

The growth-rate of juvenile Asterias rubens L.

H. Barnesa1 and H. T. Powella1

a1 The Marine Station, Millport

The general biology of the common starfish, Asterias rubens L., has recently been studied by Vevers (1949), whose investigations included observations on the growth-rate of this species. His material was collected in the Plymouth area largely by means of an otter trawl, supplemented by a few Agassiz and dredge hauls, and there are therefore few records in his data of the growth-rate of juvenile A. rubens under natural conditions. Vevers also made observations on the growth-rate of individuals kept in laboratory tanks, but again the results apply mainly to fairly large animals. The only other direct observations on growth-rate appear to be those of Bull (1934), who dealt with three small individuals kept in aquarium tanks, while Orton & Fraser (1930) give measurements made on a natural population taken, after one year's growth, from a buoy.