Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

Research Article

The Seasonal Changes in Body Weight, Biochemical Composition, and Oxygen Uptake of two Common Boreo-Arctic Cirripedes, Balanus Balanoides and B. Balanus

H. Barnesa1, Margaret Barnesa1 and D. M. Finlaysona1

a1 The Marine Station, Millport


The seasonal changes in the body weight and composition of two common boreo-arctic species of cirripedes, Balanus balanoides and B. balanus have been followed.

At a constant size (age under constant growth conditions) the body weight is closely related to the season. Increase in body weight takes place rapidly during the spring as reserves are laid down. These reserves are subsequently utilized for gonadal development.

The changes in B. balanus are more gradual than in B. balanoides and probably reflect differences in the habitat conditions.

The reserves, although contributing to the gonads, are not themselves adequate for their total tissue.