Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics

Research Article

Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy applied to rotational diffusion of macromolecules

Måns Ehrenberga1 and Rudolf Riglera1

a1 Department of Medical Biophysics, Karolinska Institute, 10401 Stockholm 60, Sweden

A quantitative relationship between polarization properties of fluorescence light and molecular rotational diffusion was first derived by Perrin (1926). His results, which concerned spherical particles, have later been refined to the more complex rotational motion of asymmetric bodies (Memming, 1961; Chuang & Eisenthal, 1972; Ehrenberg & Rigler, 1972; Belford, Belford & Weber, 1972).


† This paper was presented at the symposium on Dynamics of Macromolecules in Solution at the 5th International Biophysics Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, 4–9 August 1975.