The Classical Review (New Series)


Argument and Sophistry in the Republic

C. D. Reeve: Philosopher-Kings: the Argument of Plato's Republic. Pp. xvi + 350. Princeton University Press, 1988. £35.

Georgios E. Vasmonolis: xs1F48 Σωκρxs22EFτης xs1F61ς ςοφιστxs22EFς: κατxs22EF τxs22EFτρxs22EFα πρxs22EFτα βιβλxs22EFα τxs22EFς Πλxs22EFτωνος Πολιτεxs22EFας. Pp. 26. Athens: the author, 1988. Paper.

R. S. W. Hawtreya1

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