Research Article

Habronematinae (Nematoda: Spiruridae) from Australian birds

Patricia M. Mawsona1

a1 Zoology Department, University of Adelaide, South Australia

A list is given of all habroneme species recorded from Australian birds, as well as a key to all known genera of Habronematinae. New species described are: Cyrnea (Procyrnea) dollfusi from Ninox novaeseelandiae; Cyrnea (Procyrnea) falco from Falco longipennis and F. berigora; Cyrnea (Procyrnea) spiralis from Philemon argenticeps, Entomyzon cyanotis, Oriolus sagittatus and Lalage sueuriitricolor; Excisa biloba from Podargus strigoides, Ninox novaeseelandia; Viguiera longicollis from Colluricinda rufiventris, C. harmonica, Anthochaera carunculata and Microeca fascinans; V. chibiae from Chibia bracteata; V. chabaudi from Podargus strigoides. Partial redescriptions are given of Cyrnea (Procyrnea) paraleptoptera (Johnson & Mawson) from the type specimens; Cyrnea (Procyrnea) mansioni from Falco berigora, Haliastur sphenurus, Astur novaehollandiae, and a ‘hawk’; Cyrnea (Procyrnea) sp. from a parrot, Psephotus haematonotus; Hadjelia truncata from Eurystomus orientalis; Hadjelia acuariana (s. Stellabronema acuariana Gushans-kaya) from Podargus strigoides; Torquatella balanocephala from Merops ornatus, and Torquatella sp. from Centropus phasianus.

(Received August 29 1967)