Research Article

In vitro studies on the behaviour of second-stage juveniles of Heterodera schachtii (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) in response to host plant root exudates

F. Grundlera1, L. Schnibbea1 and U. Wyssa1

a1 Institut für Phytopathologie, Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel, Hermann-Rodewald-Strasse 9, W-2300 Kiel, Germany

The behaviour of Heterodera schachtii second-stage juveniles in response to mustard (Sinapis alba) rooxudates was observed and analysed under aseptic conditions in a standardized bioassay. Aggregation of juveniles on an agarose layer occurred within less than 30 min in the area where root exudates had been applied and persisted for several hours. Analysis of time-lapse video recordings showed that the aggregation did not result from a directed orientation of the juvenile towards the root exudate. This was supported by an orientation assay using single juveniles. Aggregated juveniles showed pre-infection exploratory behaviour, including stylet thrusting and head-end bending, while staying at rest for several minutes.

(Received December 13 1990)

(Revised February 07 1991)

(Accepted February 07 1991)