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Schwannoma of the tympanic membrane

Chao-Hui Yang a1 , Chih-Ying Su a1 , Yu-Ching Wei a2 and Chung-Feng Hwang a1c1
a1 Department of Otolaryngology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical Center, Taiwan
a2 Department of Pathology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Kaohsiung Medical Center, Taiwan

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Schwannoma arising from the tympanic membrane is a rare neoplasm. This report describes an external ear canal mass obscuring the tympanic membrane. A transcanal approach identified a tumour adhered to the tympanic membrane. The tumour was excised without myringoplasty. Pathology confirmed the diagnosis of schwannoma. Clinical examination revealed no evidence of recurrence during a follow-up period of one year. The possible origins of schwannoma of the tympanic membrane and lesion management are also discussed.

(Accepted September 29 2005)

Key Words: Ear Neoplasms; Schwannoma; Tympanic Membrane.

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