Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies


Tibetan stes, stes-te, etc. and some of their Sanskrit correspondences

Walter Simon

As is generally known, the correspondence Tibetan stes-dbaxs1E45-gis—Sanskrit daivāt or daivena was proposed by Johannes Nobel and translated by him as ‘durch Schicksalsfügung’ (by dispensation of fate). He did so in his edition of the Tibetan version Udrāyana, offering the correspondence as a conjecture for naivam. The equation has been taken over by Professor Lokesh Chandra into his Tibetan-Sanskrit dictionary, though failing to refer to it there as a conjecture. While I do not wish to contest in any way Nobel's conjecture, I thought it useful to adduce certain other correspondences, most of which were found when trying—unsuccessfully so far—to corroborate the conjectuŕe by quotations from actual texts.