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(RF) Otorhinolaryngology

The aetiology and management of atrophic rhinitis

Sunil Narayan Dutt MS, PhD, DNB, FRCS(ORL-HNS) a1 and Mohan Kameswaran MS, MNAMS, FACS, FRCS a2
a1 the Department of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery, Canadian Specialist Hospital, UAEDubai
a2 the Madras ENT Research Foundation (MERF), Chennai, India.

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Atrophic rhinitis is a chronic, debilitating and recalcitrant disease of the nasal cavities that is prevalent in several parts of the world. It has unique epidemiological features and clinical characteristics. Clinicians and researchers for decades have tried to postulate theories for the aetiology of the primary form of the disease. Management of the disease has seen several medical therapeutic regimens including alternative forms of medicine. Surgical options for the condition are also not completely satisfactory with a number of failures and recurrences. The authors provide here a comprehensive review of the existing literature as regards the aetiology and management of this refractory condition.

Key Words: Rhinitis, Atrophic; Aetiology Of; Management Of; Ozaena.