The Classical Quarterly (New Series)

Research Article

Parmenides, B 8. 4

John R. Wilsona1

a1 Indiana University

The text of Parmenides 8. 4 is unusually corrupt. Most recent critics, however, agree that Plutarch's S0009838800044554_inline1 printed in the later editions of DielsKranz, Die Fragmente der Vorsokratiker, should be excluded in favour of S0009838800044554_inline2 S0009838800044554_inline3 As G. E. L. Owen remarks (‘Eleatic Questions’, CQ [1960], 102), ‘[Plutarch's] S0009838800044554_inline4 is inappropriate since S0009838800044554_inline5 is to be proved from S0009838800044554_inline6 S0009838800044554_inline7 and not vice versa’.