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Evaluation of the HiFocus® electrode array with positioner in human temporal bones

Antje Aschendorff M.D. a1, Thomas Klenzner M.D. a1, Bernhard Richter M.D. a1, Ralf Kubalek M.D. a2, Heiner Nagursky Ph.D. a3 and Roland Laszig M.D. a1
a1 Department of Otorhinolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, University Clinic Freiburg, Germany.
a2 Neuroradiology, University Clinic Freiburg, Germany.
a3 Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, University Clinic Freiburg, Germany.

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kubalek r   [PubMed][Google Scholar] 
nagursky h   [PubMed][Google Scholar] 
laszig r   [PubMed][Google Scholar] 


The aim of the study presented was to assess the insertion mode and possible intracochlear trauma after implantation of the HiFocus® electrode with positioner in human temporal bones. The study was performed in five freshly frozen temporal bones. The position of electrodes was evaluated using conventional X-ray analysis, rotational tomography and histomorphological analysis. Insertion of the HiFocus® electrode with positioner resulted in considerable trauma to fine cochlear structures including fracture of the osseous spiral lamina, dislocation of the electrode array from the scala tympani into the scala vestibuli and fracture of the modiolus close to the cochleostomy. The implication of the results regarding clinical outcome will be discussed.

Key Words: Cochlear Implantation; Temporal Bone; Surgical Procedures, Operative.

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