The Classical Review (New Series)


Some Recent School Books

Adrian Spooner: Lingo: a Course on Words and How to Use Them. Pupils' Book and Teachers' Pack with Graded Tests [for photocopying]. Pp. vi + 167 (pupils), 32 (teachers); many black and white illustrations, some in cartoon form. Bristol Classical Press, 1988. Paper, £4.95 each vol.

Lawrence Giangrande: Greek in English. Pp. viii + 148. North York, Ontario: University Press of Canada (Captus Press Inc.), 1987. Paper, US $19.20 (Can $22.50).

Michael Massey: Women in Ancient Greece and Rome. Pp. iv + 36; 20 black and white illustrations. Cambridge University Press, 1988. Paper, £2.50.

Robin Place: The Romans: Fact and Fiction. Adventures in Roman Britain. Pp. iii + 32; 40 black and white, and colour, illustrations. Cambridge University Press, 1988. £5.25 (paper, £3.25).

S. J. Freebairn-Smitha1

a1 King's Park Secondary School, Glasgow.