Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Kinetic theory for granular flow of dense, slightly inelastic, slightly rough spheres

C. K. K.  Lun a1
a1 Department of Engineering, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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A general set of conservation equations and constitutive integrals for the dynamic properties of the rapid flow of a granular material consisting of slightly inelastic and slightly rough spherical particles is derived by following an approach used in the kinetic theory of dense gases. By taking moments of the translational and rotational particle velocities in the general transport moment equation and making the Enskog approximation, the singlet velocity distribution function is determined. As a result, the constitutive relations and coefficients such as stresses, energy fluxes, rates of translational and rotational energy interchanges, shear viscosity, spin viscosity, bulk viscosity and ‘thermal’ conductivities are obtained. The present theory incorporates the kinetic as well as the collisional contributions for stresses and energy fluxes. Thus, it is appropriate for dilute as well as dense concentrations of solids. For the case of simple shear flow, there is favourable agreement between the theoretical predictions of stresses and both the experimental measurements and the results from computer simulations.

(Published Online April 26 2006)
(Received June 15 1990)
(Revised July 3 1991)

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