Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Some observations of tip-vortex cavitation

R. E. A.  Arndt a1, V. H.  Arakeri a2 and H.  Higuchi a3
a1 St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis. MN 55455, USA
a2 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
a3 Syracuse University, NY 13210, USA

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Cavitation has been observed in the trailing vortex system of an elliptic planform hydrofoil. A complex dependence on Reynolds number and gas content is noted at inception. Some of the observations can be related to tension effects associated with the lack of sufficiently large-sized nuclei. Inception measurements are compared with estimates of pressure in the vortex obtained from LDV measurements of velocity within the vortex. It is concluded that a complete correlation is not possible without knowledge of the fluctuating levels of pressure in tip-vortex flows. When cavitation is fully developed, the observed tip-vortex trajectory shows a surprising lack of dependence on any of the physical parameters varied, such as angle of attack, Reynolds number, cavitation number, and dissolved gas content.

(Published Online April 26 2006)
(Received July 2 1990)
(Revised January 26 1991)