The Classical Review (New Series)

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Apollo’s Temple at Bassae

Blanche Menadiera1

a1 Royal Holloway, London

F. A. Cooper: The Temple of Apollo Bassitas: Volume I: The Architecture; Volume II: The Sculpture; Volume III: The Architecture: Illustrations; Volume IV. Pp. xviii + 447, xxi pls, ills; xiii pls, ills, plans; iv, pls, ills, maps, plans. Princeton: The American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1992–6. Vol. 1: $110; Vol. III: $90. ISBN: 0-87661-946-4 (vol. I); 0-87661-947-2 (vol. II); 0-87661-948-0 (vol. III); 0-87661-949-9 (vol. IV).