Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Large-scale vortex structures in turbulent wakes behind bluff bodies. Part 1. Vortex formation processes

A. E.  Perry a1 and T. R.  Steiner a1
a1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne, Parkville, 3052, Victoria, Australia

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An investigation of turbulent wakes was conducted and phase-averaged velocity vector fields are presented, as well as phase-averaged and global Reynolds normal and shear stresses. The topology of the phase-averaged velocity fields is discussed in terms of critical point theory. Here in Part 1, the vortex formation process in the cavity region of several nominally two-dimensional bluff bodies is investigated and described using phase-averaged streamlines where the measurements were made in a nominal plane of symmetry. It was found that the flows encountered were always three-dimensional and that the mean-flow patterns in the cavity region were quite different from those expected using classical two-dimensional assumptions.

(Received July 30 1985)
(Revised May 12 1986)