Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Run-up of solitary waves

G.  Pedersen a1 and B.  Gjevik a1
a1 Department of Mechanics, University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1053, Blindern, Oslo 3, Norway

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A numerical model based on a Lagrangian description has been developed for studying run-up of long water waves governed by a set of Boussinesq equations. The performance of the numerical scheme has been tested by comparing with analytical solutions and experimental data. Simulations of the run-up of solitary waves on relatively steep planes (inclination angle > 20°) show surface displacements and run-up heights in good agreement with experiments. For waves with relatively large amplitude the simulations reveal the development of a breaking bore during the backwash. Results for run-up heights in converging and diverging channels are also presented.

(Published Online April 20 2006)
(Received March 23 1983)