Studies in American Political Development

Representing Urban Interests: The Local Politics of State Legislatures

a1 University of Michigan
a2 University of Michigan
a3 University of Rochester


[New York] city is ruled entirely by the hayseed legislators at Albany. I've never known an up-State Republican who didn't want to run things here. . . . We've got to eat and drink what they tell us to eat and drink, and have got to choose our time for eatin' and drinkin' to suit them. If they don't feel like takin' a glass of beer on Sunday, we must abstain. If they have not got any amusements up in their backwoods, we mustn't have none. We've got to r egulate our whole lives to suit them. And then we have to pay their taxes to boot.

George Washington Plunkitt. 1


1 William L. Riordon, Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: A Series of Very Plain Talks on Very Practical Politics, ed. Terrence J. McDonald (Boston: Bedford Books, 1994), 59–60.