Journal of Fluid Mechanics

The lateral migration of a spherical particle in two-dimensional shear flows

P.  Vasseur a1p1 and R. G.  Cox a1
a1 Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
pres p1 Present address: Department of Civil Engineering, Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal Quebec, Canada.

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The lateral migration of a solid spherical particle suspended in a fluid flowing between parallel vertical walls is investigated theoretically using a method developed by Cox & Brenner (1968). Buoyant and neutrally buoyant, freely rotating and non-rotating particles in the fluid flow are considered as is also the case of a sedimenting particle in a quiescent fluid. The results obtained are applied to the special cases of plane Poiseuille flow and of plane shear flow, these situations being investigated in detail.

(Published Online April 11 2006)
(Received December 4 1975)