Journal of Fluid Mechanics

The effective thermal conductivity of sheared suspensions

Avinoam  Nir a1p1 and Andreas  Acrivos a1a1
a1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305

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Formal expressions are derived for the effective thermal conductivity Kij of randomly dispersed suspensions undergoing shear. These are then evaluated for the cases of dilute suspensions of cylinders and of spheres when the bulk motion is a simple shear, the Péclet number Pe is large, and the particle Reynolds number is small enough for inertia effects to be negligible. It is shown that as Pe [rightward arrow] [infty infinity] the presence of shear can significantly affect the O(φ) contribution to Kij (φ being the volume fraction of the solids), which becomes independent of k, the thermal conductivity of the suspended material. This results from the presence of regions of closed streamlines surrounding each particle which, for sufficiently large Pe, attain an isothermal state and therefore act as regions of infinite conductivity.

(Published Online April 11 2006)
(Received July 19 1975)
(Revised June 21 1976)

p1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion—Israel Institute of Technology, Technion City, Haifa, Israel 32000.