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Editions of the Herodas Papyrus

Classical Texts from Papyri in the British Museum, including the newly discovered poems of Herodas, edited by F. G. Kenyon, M.A. By order of the Trustees of the British Museum. 1891.

HPΩNΔOΓ MIMIAMBOI. Herondas, a first recension, by William Gunion Rutherford, M.A., LL.D. London: Macmillan & Co. 1891.

HPΩDelta;OΓ MIMIAMBOI. Herodas, Facsimile of Papyrus CXXXV. in the British Museum. By order of the Trustees. 1892.

Herondae Mimiambi. Edidit Franciscus Buecheler. Bonnae, 1892. Mk. 2.40. ——: exemplum iteratum. 1892.

Untersuchungen zu den Mimiumben des Herondas: Otto von Crusius. Leipzig, 1892. Mk. 6.

Herondae Mimiambi. Edidit Otto Crusius. (Bibliotheca Teubneriana) Lipsiae, 1892. Mk. 2.40.

R. A. Neil