Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Nonlinear streaming effects associated with oscillating cylinders

A.  Bertelsen a1, A.  Svardal a2 and S.  Tjøtta a2
a1 Department of Physics, University of Bergen, Norway
a2 Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Bergen, Norway

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This paper deals with nonlinear streaming effects associated with oscillatory motion in a viscous fluid. A previous theory by Holtsmark et al. (1954) for the streaming near a circular cylinder in an incompressible fluid of infinite extent is reconsidered and used to obtain new numerical results, which are compared with earlier observations. The regime of validity of this theory is considered. The condition to be satisfied by the Reynolds number is found to be less stringent than was previously supposed.

The more recent theory by Wang (1968) based on the outer–inner expansion technique is discussed and corrected with the Stokes drift.

The case of an incompressible fluid enclosed between two coaxial cylinders, one of which is oscillating, is considered in detail. New theoretical and experimental results are given for various values of the parameters involved (Reynolds number, amplitude and cylinder radii).

(Published Online March 29 2006)
(Received October 17 1972)
(Revised April 6 1973)