Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Velocity measurements close to the bed in a wave tank

J. F. A.  Sleath a1
a1 Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

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Measurements of the velocity distribution close to the bed have been made under laminar flow conditions in a wave tank. The classical solution for the velocity distribution was found to be valid when the bed was smooth, but considerable deviations between theory and experiment were observed with beds of sand. It is suggested that these deviations were caused by vortex formation around the grains of sand. The similarity between the velocity profiles obtained in these tests and those reported by other writers under supposedly turbulent conditions suggests that even at high Reynolds numbers vortex formation may continue to be the dominant effect in oscillatory boundary layers of this sort.

(Published Online March 29 2006)
(Received January 9 1969)
(Revised October 22 1969)