Journal of Fluid Mechanics

The analogy between streamline curvature and buoyancy in turbulent shear flow

P.  Bradshaw a1
a1 Aerodynamics Division, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington

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A formal algebraic analogy is drawn between meteorological parameters, such as the Richardson number, and the parameters describing the effect of rotation or streamline curvature on a turbulent flow. The analogy between the phenomena is a good first approximation. Semi-quantitative use of the analogy to apply meteorological data to curved shear layers shows that the effects of curvature on the apparent mixing length are appreciable if the shear-layer thickness exceeds roughly 1/300 of the radius of curvature; larger effects may occur in compressible flow. Application of the Monin-Oboukhov formula considerably improves the agreement between prediction and experiment in boundary layers on curved surfaces.

(Published Online March 29 2006)
(Received June 13 1968)