Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Hydrodynamic pressures on sloping dams during earthquakes. Part 1. Momentum method

Allen T.  Chwang a1 and George W.  Housner a1
a1 Division of Engineering and Applied Science, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

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Von Kármán's momentum-balance method is adopted to investigate the earthquake forces on a rigid dam with an inclined upstream face of constant slope. The distribution of the hydrodynamic pressure along the upstream face is determined. It is found that the maximum hydrodynamic pressure occurs at the base of the dam for any inclination angle between 0 and 90°. Explicit analytical formulae for evaluating the total horizontal, vertical and normal loads are presented and a useful approximate rule for practical engineers is given.

(Published Online April 12 2006)
(Received October 5 1977)
(Revised December 6 1977)